Hamburg’s Tom Gatza is back with a new song and video: “Wait” is a relaxed, cinematic-sounding piece, driven by Tom’s piano, collaborator Max Schneider’s drumming, and lightly-applied synths and strings that accompany the duo’s performance. The energetic yet serene sound feels like it would be at home in Night City, Blade Runner – take your cyberpunk pick. It elegantly blends old and new, creating a feel that invokes both the past and the future.

This May, Gatza releases his followup to 2018’s Melo EP. The new project, Re, will be released on Berlin label Listenrecords, and builds on the sound of his previous works, incorporating more orchestral elements alongside his trademark piano sound. “Wait” would fit especially well on the soundtrack to Mirror’s Edge, the muted plucks giving it a driving pace, a sense of calm urgency that mirrors (pun intended) the sparse whites and bright reds of The City that Faith dashes across.

“Wait” was written during an artist residency called Papenwohld. Its website describes this residency as such: ‘On an old farmyard, surrounded by idyllic meadows, old forests and lakes, we offer multifunctional rooms and the facilities to bring new, upcoming projects to life and to promote and communicate them to a wider audience.’ Gatza’s work on “Wait” certainly conjures visions of nature similar to those given in that description; I feel lush forests, mossy rocks and overgrown trails as I listen to the song myself.

You can follow Tom Gatza on Facebook, Instagram, or his official website for more information.

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