Everything Is Noise is delighted to present the newest single from Chinese post-rockers Wang Wen! We’ve been following the band’s sonic journey for some time now, and they have yet to disappoint us with their latest material. “Silenced Dalian” is an eight-minute dirge that washes over the cerebrum before taking the listener on an arduous hike overtop a mountain of sound. Give it a listen below!

“Silenced Dalian” is the second single off of Wang Wen‘s upcoming tenth studio album Invisible City. The song is named after the band’s home city of Dailan, which they have described as ‘grim‘. Grim is definitely a word that fits this tune. Personally, this song feels like a slight departure from the band’s typical sound. The production sounds otherworldly, especially during the diabolical Lift Your Skinny Fists-inspired climax. The guitars and trumpet on “Silenced Dalian” are positively mournful, and the keyboards that come later are quite menacing for a Wang Wen record. Without a doubt, I’m extremely excited to hear what Invisible City has to offer.

Head over to Wang Wen‘s Facebook page for more updates on the album and live dates. And be sure to pre-order Invisible City on Pelagic Records, available September 29.

Jonce Palmer

Jonce Palmer

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