Today’s premiere is brought to you by nostalgia!

Nostalgia: The Surest Way To Get Elder Millennials Excited!

Seriously, though, German garage rock revivalists VELCROS have done a great job encompassing the warm-fuzzies of nostalgia from three decades in their latest video “Starting Now” Everything Is Noise covered a previous video and are excited to welcome VELCROS back into the spotlight. Check out “Starting Now” below!

“Starting Now” kicks off with a riff that, I hate to say it, immediately reminded me of Toby Keith‘s “Should’ve Been A Cowboy.” Revoke my cool card, but I will stand behind some pre 9/11 country. That song also embodied a bygone nostalgia, so this is fitting. Anyway, it isn’t the exact riff, and the fuzzed up effects are a pleasant departure from Telecaster twang. The video also starts with a VHS quality clip of a couple kissing and getting into an early 90s Pontiac Grand Prix…which was MY FIRST FUCKING CAR! Ok, I am 100% in.

The video is comprised of a collage of old clips like this, from commercials, primarily, I believe, all with the graininess of a tube TV. Scenes from the 80s and 90s unfold a loose narrative around the growth of a relationship, done up montage style. Musically, “Starting Now” seems indebted to bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Smoking Popes filtered through 2000s garage rock revivalists with its smooth, clear vocals over distorted but jangly guitars, clean bass, and pop-punk drums. This track also gives off a combination of “Big Me” by Foo Fighters paired with “Feel The Pain” by Dinosaur Jr. kind of energy, pleasant but with tinges of sadness and still completely their own.

Whatever vibes you get from this song/video, they are sure to put a smile on your face. No matter how many ways I can dissect my thoughts about this memory or that influence, “Starting Now” stands on its own as a charming and catchy piece of rock and roll. Preorder their new record Strange News From The Vault here. Follow VELCROS on Facebook or Instagram.

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