Today, we at Everything Is Noise are happy to help bring a brand new band into your consciousness. Leipzig, Germany’s own VELCROS are about to unleash their brand new EP Spit Takes on the world on July 28. We are bringing you your first look at the band through their video for “Secret State.”

In this expertly crafted music video for “Secret State,” helmed by director Nicolai Hildebrandt, VELCROS take center stage in a mesmerizing black-and-white performance that effortlessly transports us to the intriguing world of the noir films of the 1950s. Every frame of this captivating visual masterpiece evokes the essence of mystery and allure, drawing us into a realm where secrets lurk around every corner. And thankfully all that awaits down this dark alley are rad riffs and a chorus that will stick in your brain like gum on a shoe. Get it? Gumshoe? Anyway, check out this kaleidoscope of flair and aggression!

As the opening notes resound, a tempest of rock-solid drums and relentless downstroke guitars engulfs our senses, propelling us into the sonic whirlwind. The sheer intensity and precision with which VELCROS unleash their instruments is immediately exciting both in terms of rhythm and melody. Each beat of the drums and every strum of the guitars sets the stage ablaze, infusing the atmosphere with an electric charge that hurriedly makes everything exciting. But it is the irresistible chorus that steals the show and sets this track a cut above. With a magnetic fusion of Tom Petty‘s undeniable charisma and the raw, unfiltered energy reminiscent of the punk bands such as The Hives or The Wipers, VELCROS masterfully intertwine elements of infectious melody and unapologetic vigor.

You can get your own copy reserved through this link and be sure to follow the band on Facebook or Instagram to keep updated with all of their goings on!

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