The global situation has again shifted notably within a mere week, and we can all do our part to achieve the best possible outcome. And as always, music is a significant tool in spreading fundamental messages around the world in, and is of tremendous importance as such. Today, and with this in mind, we are proud to present to you the premiere of “Castles”, a new music video from the musical performance art showpiece uKhoiKhoi from Johannesburg, South Africa.

uKhoiKhoi is, first and foremost, a performance. Through the process of live looping, instruments varying to a great extent from traditional to contemporary ones, the impressively layered work of the composer Yogin Sullaphen, and the astonishing range of the vocalist Anelisa Stuurman, the duo are able to convey an experience of overwhelming impact and affection. On “Castles”, the indigenous electro act, as they have aptly dubbed themselves, approach ponderous matters never to be taken lightly through means of auditive comfort, positivity, and passion. And it’s probably needless to say that the result is beyond magnificent. So take a good posture and float away with the new track from below!

And a quote from the duet, followed by Yogin’s more detailed citation about the composition process:

‘This song, in many ways, represents the underlying reason for the protests that started in Minneapolis. Economic inequality is a global challenge, and one we know all too well in South Africa. The story told in Les Misérables about a man imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his family almost feels like a metaphor for the struggle that the less privileged across the world face, doing what ever possible in order to survive.’

‘My first experience of this song was during our first live performance. It was a completely improvised set that I invited Anelisa to join me on while I was looping. I started a bass riff and she began this melody. We are still using that bass riff and melody, both of which just clicked right into place on that jam. This song made me realize what a beautiful performer I was blessed to meet in Anelisa and knew that if we pursued this further it would be a powerful duo. It was the first song we worked on after that and this journey has culminated to this beautiful piece of art we are proud to present to the world during a time where things seem to make no sense. Journey with us to our castle on the cloud of peace, joy and acceptance.’

Powerful words from beautiful people. After hearing the song and reading the quotes above, I feel that there’s very few things I could possibly add to this moment of happiness, so I gladly refrain myself from rambling on. Just listen to the song again and follow the duo on their Facebook; those are my plans for the rest of the day.

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