The second volume of The Biology of Plants‘ fantastic musical opus is upon us, and Everything Is Noise is beyond privileged to premiere the album in its entirety. This Australian four-piece made waves with their earlier song “Long Black” from their first record, and now they are back to blow minds once again. It is with no overstatement to say that this album is amazing. Get involved!

The Biology of Plants spare no expense in creating this full-bodied jazz masterpiece. During this ten-track record, we get the works: pianos, synths, violins, a whole expanse of guitars and bass, some slick electronic overlay. There is a reason why we call this kind of music cinematic.

It’s all swilled together in a mastery of composition evoking traits of funk, classical, rock and so much more. The Biology of Plants have no intent to showcase excessive technical flare (though clearly they are amazingly good at their instruments), but instead keep emotion and passion at the forefront of their music. For some bite-size samples, jump ahead to the suitably dynamic “500 Million Bells” (both parts) and the progressively vibrant, and dangerously funky, “George”.

Actually, don’t do that! Just listen to the whole record front to back, start to finish. Every track is a unique treasure. And if you feel the need to replay it several times over, don’t worry! It’s not just you. With “Vol.2” being the smarter and heartier follow up to its “Vol.1” predecessor, we can only hope that The Biology of Plants have a deservedly successful year. Do your bit and spread the word!

“Vol.2” is released in its entirety June 12, via Art As Catharsis. You can check out more from The Biology of Plants on their Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For all other news and info, visit their Facebook.

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