In preparation for next year’s debut studio album, experimental electronic rockers TH/S /S SH/T have returned with some brand new music, and Everything Is Noise is honoured to present the exclusive premiere. Behold and enjoy “Amphetamine”!

“Amphetamine” is a mix of many things, all of which are highly pleasant. Is it rock, is it orchestral, or is it a pumping dance track? In truth, it’s an eclectic mix of all of the above. As it siphons through a four minute progression, you will hear the full spectrum of influence from these categories, fused seamlessly to make one concentrated and remarkably neat instrumental piece. Its vibrancy is ultimately guaranteed to have you bouncing. Check it out!

Showcasing both their technically astute rig and bewildering composition, “Amphetamine”‘s suitably cool video may give you some insight into how this pacy and dramatic music is arranged and engineered. However TH/S /S SH/T do it, they do it with a megaton of class, and this latest single bodes very well for the band’s upcoming new material. Their forthcoming album, titled ///, follows sequentially from their last EP, //, and will be the first time they evolve from the standard short EP structure of their current back catalog.

TH/S /S SH/T have gone from strength to strength since their genesis, and with a mighty start to their next wave of music, 2020 will hopefully be a breakthrough year for this creative and exciting outfit.

/// will be released April 24, 2020 via Upton Park. For all other news and info on the band. check out their Facebook page and website.

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