I read this week that the ‘guitar riff is dying out‘ as the ‘majority of music fans‘ exposed their ignorance in a new study. Thankfully, within the murky caverns of extreme music’s subculture there are not only people who want to hear nothing than more than the grottiest riffs possible, but an array of musicians who want to bring it to them. In a particularly horrific sounding cross section of death metal, black metal, and war metal we find Sentient Ruin Laboratories’ newly signed Sulfuric Hatred, bringing a carefully concocted blend of hatred to the fore. While using subgenre tags as a baseline, it’s clear that being a box wasn’t in their minds, the fulfilment of their cataclysmic vision was much more important:

‘Black metal, grindcore, and death metal in this context can be used as nothing more than simplistic references for the sake of generalization, as the actual and true fabric really materializing this abomination is something that can hardly be associated to music and which is actually closer to pure noise, to other forms of experimental sensorial warfare or to abstract idealizations of pure terror’

Sulfuric Hatred then bring a ‘new meaning and purpose to the concept of dehumanizing music and of its forced transmutation into a weapon‘. To give a brutal taste of what this sounds like, it’s our masochistic pleasure to premiere the second single from the album “Sanctioned Execution of Profaned Torture”. These ‘chaos-mongering warnoise terrorists‘ formed on the USA’s East Coast from vocalist Alexander Jones of Undeath, guitarist/bassist Liam McMahon of Vile Ritual and drummer Sam Shereck of Blame God and Exsanguinated. With a track record that speaks for itself, this battalion of noise mongers are looking to leave a new trail of blood and chaos in their wake with their self-titled debut album next Friday (15th December).

Building on the apocalyptic demo of last year, Sulfuric Hatred begin with a brooding intro reminiscent of the swampiest death doom on offer. It quickly erupts into noisy chaos with a syncopated drum assault beneath breakneck riffing. Tonally, the guitars have an evil sound that eats away at its surroundings. Jones’ animalistic vocals are a fiercer force to be reckoned with than we hear with Undeath, trading a bit of hardcore-tinged fun for some noise-inflected torture instead. The dynamic shifts give the single a real balance, mixing blood-spilling slashes with cavernous refrains throughout until the wind blows to bring the track to a close.

A melting pot of the best of extreme metal has to offer, both bringing in the qualities of their own bands, legendary bands and the scene’s current cream of the crop, Sulfuric Hatred are a corrosive force looking to add their slab of ear-splitting noise to 2023 before it ends. Listening to this and previous single “Foul Poison Insatiable” will bring you to your knees before a full LP of aural slaughter finishes the job. You can find Sulfuric Hatred on Instagram while their self-titled debut album is available to pre-order from Sentient Ruin on Bandcamp.



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