Another day, another Everything Is Noise premiere! Today is going to be a fun one, folks.

Lyon rock four-piece KITCH return with a new single “Charismatik”, a captivating teaser for their forthcoming album New Strife Lands, which is set to be released on May 6 through the French record label À Tant Rêver du Roi, and we’re but delighted to premiere it! The punchy drums and no-bullshit riffing – coupled with an overall krautrock-esque flow – will be enough to find yourself entranced to its groove.

From beginning to end, the track maintains a steady rhythm that is immediately infectious, only interlocked with heavier passages and subtle electronic embellishments that give it more depth and simply more open doors for you to effortlessly lose yourself into it. The vocals were a welcoming surprise for me, to be frank: They’re equally enigmatic and playful, further cementing the spellbinding aura of the song, the edgy cadence bringing forth some really cool dynamics in tandem with the mesmerizing guitar strums and hi-hat swooshes.

Nuanced and methodical, while never being afraid of holding back, “Charismatik” is an excellent introduction to KITCH’s ever-winding exploration of rock music. If the song serves as any indication of what the rest of New Strife Lands is going to sound like, then we’re surely in for quite a ride.

If you were left with wanting more, then fret not! You can go ahead and pre-order New Strife Lands, and do make sure to follow their Bandcamp, Instagram, and Facebook pages for any other updates!

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