Red Snapper are back, and it’s been a long time coming. After a six year absence, the vibrant veterans of afro-jazz gift the world with some brand new material, in their original lineup of Ali Friend, Rich Thair, David Ayers and Tom Challenger. Everything Is Noise is therefore honoured to premiere the band’s brand new track, “Truth 1”.

As you can hear, they have not lost it. To put another way, this is one of the coolest instrumental tracks of the whole damn year. From the irresistibly funky percussion and the spacey leads, to the charismatic saxophone and the icy-chilled voice snippets, this song is a surefire winner. Its feel-good summertime vibes lock in nicely with its laser-precision adventurousness. Replay buttons at the ready!

Better still is that “Truth 1” is merely the start of a swathe of material Red Snapper plan to release in the future. Having made waves since their formation way back in the early ’90s, the band now have the opportunity to reach out to a whole new legion of fans, as well as remind their old-school following why they were and still are so cool. Going by the merit of this single, new and old lovers of Red Snapper have a lot to look forward to. Good to know that they are still in the game.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait another six months for the full-length album, but the good news is that we can expect two more new singles in the meantime. Eyes and ears peeled!

You can check out all the news and info on Red Snapper at their official Facebook page. To discover more releases from Lo Recordings, visit the label’s website.

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