Songs that effortlessly become anthems are becoming increasingly rarer; something I would equate to the instant gratification that comes from having so much content at our fingertips. If you would ask me, more and more artists have taken on a ‘quantity over quality’ approach, releasing massive catalogues that often rehash the same thing time and time again. However, I’m always thrilled to get introduced to a band that shows that inspiration and passion still exists in modern music. I love getting proven wrong in my cynical views, and most recently, Pil & Bue easily squashed my assumptions about a lot of recent rock bands.

Norway’s Pil & Bue is a hard rock duo consisting of Petter Carlsen & Gøran Johansen. The band has an organic understanding for writing songs with powerful riffs and complex drums, as well as vocal melodies that compete with veteran rock bands responsible for some of the most legendary tracks in history. It’s easy to compare the band to Royal Blood or Death from Above, but they possess their own unique sound that can easily draw listeners in and get their blood flowing. The band is currently planning to release their third full-length album, and today, we at Everything Is Noise are excited to premiere the music video for that album’s first single, “Everyone’s Just A Kid”!

Pil & Bue waste no time showing that they are masters of their craft. “Everyone’s Just A Kid” instantly begins pummeling the senses and doesn’t let up until a sudden cut in the song. The vocals soar over drum fills and quick jabs that keep the momentum moving. The chorus is wildly catchy and extraordinarily epic, lending to the overall push toward the song being a total anthem. The video aids the track’s message, as it showcases the band in the snow surrounded by children playing and dancing around in the snow. The high-energy imagery matches the song, resulting in a quality audiovisual experience.

If you dig what you hear, make sure to follow Pil & Bue on Facebook and Instagram to ensure you hear about new music and show announcements. You can also stream or purchase “Everyone’s Just A Kid” at your preferred music service here. If you’re impatient (like me) for new music, definitely check out their previous material to prepare for their upcoming release. Bands like Pil & Bue really hit my sweet spot, and I definitely will be continuing to spin “Everyone’s Just A Kid” until the band gifts us with more riff-rock goodness.

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