As I sit down to write this, I practically unhinge my jaw like a hungry python with a huge yawn. I am tired. It’s been a day, I started a new job recently, I got a lot to learn and do. So anything I spend my time doing at night has to be aligned with my goal of relaxing and having a little fun.

What’s this? German indie rock group Palila have a new banging track that will help me achieve just that? It’s true! The trio are coming up on the release of their new EP, Are we happy now?, a statement in and of itself, on September 20 via Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Records. It’s their debut piece of work, wasting no time since being founded in spring of this year. One of the four tracks, “Control”, is on offer today, giving a glimpse into the energetic, post-punk-tinged rock that they wield.

As much as I love to do things like ‘think’ and ‘feel’, sometimes it’s best to just let yourself be taken over by the most base instincts. That’s more or less (mostly less) what they went into this track with:

We could try to say something meaningful or important here. But we already did that in some of the other songs of the EP. On this one we keep it simple: Switch off your head and enjoy life every once in a while. Oh and don’t forget to enjoy the music.

It’s simple, both in style and execution, but you should never misconstrue simplicity for sophomoric or undercooked. Palila are a band that know what the hell they want with every detail accounted for, from their charmingly lo-fi sound and airy production to the old-school-kissing aesthetic. I get a bit of an early Savages vibe here – just enough to make me comfortable to let loose in front of this fledgling band. I love the splashiness of the drums and the nigh-monotone vocals that penetrate. Guitars are flamboyantly classic and whiny without depending on dad rock sensibilities, and bass is duly present creating a sonic concrete for everything else to skate cleanly on.

Palila are confident, even this early on. It’s not arrogance – it’s knowledge, it’s determination, and it’s a steadfastness to deliver exactly what they want out of the rowdy rock they create.  Sometimes, that’s all you need.

Are we happy now? is releasing very soon, so I invite you to check out Palila‘s Bandcamp to secure a preorder and listen to another track that isn’t “Control”. You can also be an early adopter of this awesome band by following them on Facebook and Instagram!

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

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