Every genre and style of style of music has its musical tropes and clichés, nothing is safe in that regard. More often than not, those tropes stick out like a sore thumb if you know what to look for. As a direct result, it can make or break the music for you depending on how you look at it as you’ll never be able to not notice or acknowledge them. There are a handful of artists that fully embrace them and shine because of it (or not) and there are others that live in a musical world that is entirely their own, with varying amounts of ‘success’ of course. One such artist that falls in the latter is a psychedelic post-rock outfit who go by Orsak:Oslo; their mesmerizing tunes are a definite success in my ears and I would imagine they would be in yours as well! Join us here at Everything Is Noise for an exclusive premiere of their next single, “In What Way Are You Different”, from their upcoming album.

Hailing out of Sweden, Orsak:Oslo are set to release their next record, In Irons, on April 27 via Vinter Records and “In What Way Are You Different” is our next taste of it. Rooted in psychedelic and post-rock, their sound ebbs and flows between a variety of sounds that allows it to be whatever it wants to be – a musical free spirit, if you will. While it is more of an organic style of music as a whole, post-rock is not absolved as a subgenre from relying on common tropes, such as linear yet predictable song structures with anticlimactic climaxes that you can see from a mile away. Many bands under this umbrella try and be forcibly unique and end up all being cut from the same cloth at the end of the day and it is painfully obvious. Hence, a great post-rock band will clearly stand out as being something truly unique and Orsak:Oslo fit the bill.

Now you may be asking in what way are you (the song) different? In the grand scheme of things, there really isn’t anything that is truly unlike anything that has already been done before (what a cop-out answer, I know). I will say that the beauty in Orsak:Oslo stems from their ability to craft music that goes wherever it wants to go. This track in particular just starts and then it ends; fin. Whatever happens in between then is truly a mystery of the hypnotic nature. Not long after the song opens up, I find myself completely taken over by the immense rhythm and droning of the guitars that reverberate so deep inside my head that I can’t help but fall under a trance as I listen. As I mentioned earlier, this group’s sound is rooted in post-rock, yet they sneak in so many different subtle flavors like psychedelic/stoner, doom, and krautrock, for example.

Quickly going back to the question of ‘in what way is this music actually different?’: in an endless sea of bands and artists desperate for any inkling of relevance and fame, Orsak:Oslo go against the current as they couldn’t give a damn about any of that. They make music that reflects who they are as people – something that is real (at least I would imagine they are). There are fake people everywhere and this group of individuals are of the few who have come to terms with their lack of any special difference from the 8+ billion other individuals on this floating rock we call Earth, and that is what makes them different; the same goes for their music.

Altogether, we get this track that is a cinematic journey of seven minutes, although that track length is deceiving as the song itself flies by once it worms its way into your subconscious. At the end of the day, this is as organic and alive as music gets. Orsak:Oslo are set to drop In Irons on April 27 via Vinter Records. Check out their socials (Facebook | Instagram | band website) or even swing by their Bandcamp page to check out the previous single to hold you over in the mean time.

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