The incipient German quintet Neumatic Parlo are gearing up to release their debut EP All Purpose Slicer on March 20, 2020 through Unique Records, and together with the band, we’re rapt to premiere the video for the well in advance released single “Science Fiction Movie” to you today!

Neumatic Parlo came together in the fall of 2017 through a peculiar incident involving the power of social media and a random jam session posted to said place. Three of the five members were already writing together when the final pieces to this warm, but a bit morose coloured puzzle were found, bringing the band into the form they’ve remained in since. Drawing influence from floaty rock, post-punk, and shoegaze, the band feels like a cozy breeze hitting your worn out face inside a spherical world; a world that you’ll witness being explored in the new video, streaming right below.

Of the song, the band provides the following insight:

‘The single “Science Fiction Movie” shows the quiet side of the band, incorporating electronic elements into the guitar-heavy sound. The lyrical ego describes a post-apocalyptic world in which people are projected into a life worth living in the form of projections. The music demands real feelings in a simulated reality.’

Sounds about right, yes? Albeit being sonically very organic and easily approachable, the video and lyrics are reflected from a pretty sci-fi point of view that demands some intense brainwork. After mulling over the idea for a bit, the patterns, colours, and distortions start to work wonders, lifting the track to a different, more open kind of level. The music itself echoes the strong lead characters of the past decades, bringing in mind a variety of influential artists all the way from Joy Division and Sonic Youth to Billy Idol stuck in his sappy place. Being produced in a way that gently caresses your ears and makes every hit count, “Science Fiction Movie” is able to summon a great deal of promises that will hopefully, and most likely, be redeemed on All Purpose Slicer.

The wait will be long, so tune in on Neumatic Parlo‘s Facebook page to be appropriately reminded about the forthcoming release, and check out their official site and Instagram for more.

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