It’s music discovery o’clock here at Everything Is Noise once again and I welcome you all to “Hearts”, a fantastic and warm indie pop track that shouldn’t go unnoticed. I’m talking, of course, about the new track by singer/songwriter Giovanna Castronari, or Nari under which she’s known as. The 21-year old is fairly new to many, though she has been writing music since she was 13 and has been involved in numerous projects among which was indie folk project Unknown Neighbour. She also co-wrote sessions and collaborated with the international publisher Budde Music and has appeared on the radio at Radioeins before.

“Hearts” is quite interesting in that it doesn’t sound like a song of a newcomer. The production is very clean and every instrument, overdub, every click and every clap sit precisely where they belong. This helps immensely with the warm, sweeter-than-honey feeling the song conveys. While the track starts with just a busking-style acoustic guitar, it quickly evolves adding more and more elements as it goes along. First, a male voice in the background that serves as a replacement for bass, not unlike what you’d hear in an acapella piece. Next, some clapping to give us a rhythmic focus point and an overdub of her own. This in turn leads us to our first high point, as a little folk-inspired solo plays on the acoustic guitar, evoking a soundscape typically found in Americana. All of these elements come together in a wonderful climax at the end of the track to deliver a fresh sounding, multifaceted take on indie pop music.

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