Music has a fantastic ability to transport a person to an entirely different time and place. In my experiences, I find that folk music possesses a certain quality reminiscent of older times. Perhaps our modern culture has been utilizing the smooth comfort found in the genre to evoke emotion in current movies or television shows, and while it may be mostly to manipulate the senses, it’s definitely effective. A person might get lost in a song they’ve never heard before, and yet the music can still feel like a warm and welcoming home to them.

Misophone is a perfect example of this entire point. The musical duo from the UK has developed a good grasp on making songs that focus more on the music of old, while still keeping it sounding fresh and new. The band has been releasing music for close to two decades, but they show no sign of slowing down. Their most recent release, And so sinks the sun on a burning sea, is a compilation of songs from previous albums. Today, we at Everything Is Noise are pleased to premiere a music video from that record for a song titled “White Horses In A Yellow Sun”!

“White Horses In A Yellow Sun” is a gorgeous ballad that captures the spirit of folk at its best. The instrumentation and vocal melody, performed by both male and female vocalists, is both haunting and hypnotizing. The song draws the listener in by beginning with a quiet and stripped-down introduction that slowly builds. Eventually, the music culminates in a strong climax complete with stringed instruments. In addition to the beautiful music, the video that accompanies the song is made up of restored footage. The grainy nature of the visuals aids in representing the proper feeling of nostalgia present in the track. It is a perfect combination that certainly can leave an impact on the viewers.

If you like what you hear, take advantage of the massive catalog of music that Misophone already has released. The band’s discography can be found on Bandcamp, including their newest release, And so sinks the sun on a burning sea. In addition, be sure to follow them on Facebook for updates on new music and videos. The stunning imagery in “White Horse In A Yellow Sun” complements the mood of the music greatly, and I’m hoping Misophone continues the trend of creating compelling audiovisual content.

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