As the saying ‘Winter is Here’ is now a bit stale and cliched, Little Big Sea have found a way to do it with a bit more poise and elegance in their new video for “Total Recall.” The Austrian-German duo of Marlene Weber and Gunther Müller (the duo that makes up the band) walk across multiple picturesque setting as David Kleinl works his magic into the black and white video.

“Total Recall” is the third track of Little Big Sea‘s sophomore record Stranger Places, which came out in April 2019. The album is built on a foundation of dream-pop, electronic beats, and folk influences, the perfect melancholic melodies for the overcast, grey mornings one gets these days. While comparison with other electronic – indie pop acts such as The xx or The Radio Dept. would not be completely off base, they also do not do justice to the duo’s songwriting abilities. From the restrained minimalism on the title-track ” Stranger Places” to the pulsating rhythm of “Holding On,” there is a unique classical sensibility to the music on display.

The song and video also share a minimalistic approach that works wonders. On the surface, the track offers an escape into past memories, but a closer listen makes it introspective for the listener too. With lines such as ‘Recalling every place that we’ve been / Innocent summers and springs /Who would have thought that we would ever grow old‘ coupled with images of the beach and the amusement park, it forces on to not only think of the happy times, but also of the ups and downs life has presented them. It’s a reminder that seasonality is a part of life, and for one to cherish the warmth of spring, one must also go through the cold winter ahead. 

So wrap yourself in that warm blanket and immerse yourself in the new video for “Total Recall” by Little Big Sea, presented to you by Everything Is Noise.

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