‘When life is so short, why drift along and worry about what other people think of you? When you only have limited time on this earth, why live on autopilot, stressing over small, insignificant issues?’

Questions like this can often ignite a renaissance in our lives. Awakening one day to discover you are no longer influenced by what you perceive to be the opinions of others, taking leaps of faith that insecurity had for so long denied you are eye-opening experiences that intrinsically shape our lives and lead us down unexplored avenues.

It is with this question exactly that the London-based northern soul, Two Legs, undertook a transformative experience, an experience that has allowed the young electronic artist to expand his creative boundaries in symmetry with his newfound cognizance of mortality. Taken from his upcoming EP The Light Is In Your Hands – released in the spring of this year – “Break Down” delves into this process of overcoming, both in its lyrical content and with his exploration of new musical techniques.

Building on the foundations of delicate pulses, warm, embracing analogue pads, and subtle guitar passages, the track utilises peculiarly sampled brass instrumentation and decimated vocals to create a soaring euphony of timbres. Delving into his past work – which is similarly captivating – you can hear the distinct but natural progression Two Legs has taken of late, and this evolution allows the emotional connection to feel somehow more innate and deep-rooted, grasping at the heart with familiar hands. The beautiful arrangement encapsulates this moment of realisation with such a profound impact that I became lost in the euphoria, and began my own exploration of its overarching philosophy.

Tracks like this represent truly defining moments in our lives, and it is my pleasure to premiere it here on Everything Is Noise today. I hope you will bask in its soothing glow as I have done several times already.

With several tracks already released, and the aforementioned EP coming later this year, there is plenty of Two Legs‘ music to find yourself lost in, and plenty to keep your ear to the wall for. Check out his website, Facebook, and Instagram pages to keep updated on his releases, and hopefully some live performances soon! Make sure to to follow this link to download and stream “Break Down”!

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