If you’re looking for some gentle, hallucination-inducing, feel-good vibes and something comfortably trippy to trip onto, join us to indulge with the spacious but palpable strangeness and unique characteristics of the UK-based Part Chimp and their new video for the track “One In The Eye”, taken from their recently released full-length Drool, which we’re happy to premiere to you today. Regardless of whether or not you’re familiar with the band, we can guarantee that the watch will be at least as interesting as its aural counterpart, so sit back, relax, and hit play from below:

Before delving into the video offering us a narrative of people generally freaking out and a giant eye in the sky shooting lasers and fudging crap up, let’s take a moment to scrutinize and appreciate what kind of a sonic concoction the UK quintet have been able to mix together. Granted that I had only heard about them in passing prior to actually digging into them shortly after the release of Drool just over a month ago, hearing them immediately inflicted a similar sensation you might get from being finally able to connect different shaped puzzle pieces you were so sure wouldn’t fit together. I’ve been preaching about the excellence of noise rock as a genre throughout this year, and Part Chimp is a fine addition to my list of discoveries so far. Having their roots in the aforementioned, they eloquently bring together stylistic leanings from post-punk and stoner to shoegaze, and from desert rock to ambient, with a plethora of nuances in between. If that listing seems odd, just listen to them and prepare to be impressed.

“One In The Eye” is an interesting track in the context of the album, but shines on its own as the baseline for the visuals that at first are nothing short of confusing. The quote we got clears the incident depicted on the clip up a bit;

Not many people managed to capture the moment an insanely huge alien eyeball appeared over a small corner of Brooklyn in New York City recently. Dylan Mars Greenberg managed to capture the horrific sequence of events that came to pass on that day. She caught the full gruesome effects of the intense heat rays that emanated from the malevolent wanderer on the helpless locals that made them literally vomit fire, causing mass panic that made them lose their minds and wreak chaos on the streets. Its grim reality makes compelling viewing. Soundtracked by Part Chimp’s “One In The Eye” from their fifth album, Drool, makes a churning companion to the scenes of micro-oblivion that unfurl.

While it most likely appears funny-ish at first, the story itself is an intriguing one when you contemplate it for a while. The ‘micro-oblivion’ reflects the results of constant monitoring and surveillance becoming unbearable for citizens, whose fire-vomiting ways end up being pretty much the end of everything. Couple that with the obvious references to what’s happening all around us at these exact times, and the concept truly comes into fruition. It’s either that, or then the band’s just being silly for the sake of it. Feel free to take your pick, but I’m quite certain only one of those is correct, and has nothing to do with quirkiness or jolly-good shenanigans.

If and when you enjoyed it, make sure to follow Part Chimp on Facebook and Instagram, and scope their latest album Drool out from their Bandcamp.

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