Remember last month when we brought you the new hotness that is Hell And High Water? Today we have the pleasure of introducing not just another song, but all of the other songs! That’s right, we here at Everything Is Noise are premiering the entire debut from this indie/alt-rock outfit. Neon Globe is their first LP, which pulls from a variety of influences such as power-pop bands from the 70’s, 80’s British underground and 90’s indie rock. There’s enough fuzz to keep you warm in the even the coldest of climates. Check out the full album stream below!

Hell And High Water had the following to say about Neon Globe:

“Neon Globe is our first studio recording. It was a long journey and each one of us put a lot of effort into it. We are very happy with the outcome and we can’t wait to get out and play those songs live!”

There’s a charm to their sound that manages to transcend their influences. The vocals, as I mentioned in the premiere, feel like Neil Young in his prime, but over music that is reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr. If you’re looking for something that feels familiar but tweaks the variables here and there, Neon Globe is a fine destination. Some of my personal favorites are “Walk On”, “Grey Lines” and “War”. Let us and the band know which are your favorites down in the comments!

You can get in line for your copy over at Bandcamp, so head on over to pre-order! There are a variety of physical and digital options that will appeal to you regardless of how you collect music. For more information, news, tour dates, and additional pre-order options swing through their official site and give them a like and a follow over on Facebook.

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