Laura Loriga is a singer-songwriter and composer born in Bologna, Italy and developing her musical career between Italy and the United States. Loriga has established her sound over three full-length albums. Her fourth, the upcoming Vever, will be released on March 18, 2022 through Ears&Eyes Records. The music for the album was written between 2017 and 2019 in Brooklyn, New York. The nine songs on the record were inspired by the people and life around Loriga during that time. Everything Is Noise is proud to premiere a single for Vever, “August Bells”.

“August Bells” is a distinct track that juxtaposes Loriga’s soft vocal delivery against a droning, ever-present organ and the soft thud of muted drums. As the song unfolds over five minutes, melodic guitar lines add a sense of progression and release amidst occasionally tense organ chords. The ’60s-esque psychedelia and gentle pace of the track give the song a dreamy aesthetic that complements the inspiration for the song, as Loriga explains:

‘”August Bells” comes from a memory. It was a summer day in Bologna some years ago and the city was filled with cicada songs. A friend and I were joking around at a bar, slowly drinking our wine and wondering about the future. Suddenly, the bells of the nearby church started ringing very loudly, and right away we both felt as if the world outside had come to call us, asking us to wake up, go, and bite the bullet so to say.’

You can follow Laura Loriga on Instagram and Facebook, check out her website here, and pre-order Vever on Bandcamp.

Artist photo by Quetzal Maucci

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