Today is a good day. I’m quite excited to present to you a brand new song from Hungarian math and post-rock newcomers, Kytaro. “Horsehealer” is the second song from their upcoming EP, White Noise For Kids,  and one of four tracks present on the release. This is one of the finest instrumental tracks that I have heard in a quite some time; the composition is stunning. The young act has dynamics on lock! Each of the three instruments gets their moments to shine on this thing, and it’s about time that I stopped writing and just let you watch it. Check the video below!

I have listened to this song on loop for most of the day to make sure that I caught every nuance and it’s very likely that I have still missed some. The video itself is incredible as well with wonderful light, movements, and atmosphere that elevates the listening experience. This is quite an enjoyable package from start to finish and Kytaro will be a band to watch for years to come. Their balance of psychedelic levity along with the atmosphere of post-rock is something quite unique. I can’t wait for the EP to get here!

White Noise For Kids will release quite soon, so be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on Kytaro’s goings-on, news, and more!

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