You know, there is something about this current run of grunge and shoegaze-influenced alt rock that gets me instantly hooked. It’s something I’ve never really thought about until recently, and I’m believing that the reason behind it is because of how musically frank all of it is. Bands that lean towards this sound bring back a care for immersion through hard-hitting yet catchy melodies that grounds me into listening to music for what it is in its most elemental – a medium to simply lose yourself into it and bask in all its contagious energy. ENTROPY is the latest contribution to this rush and Everything Is Noise is thrilled to premiere the German rock four-piece’s newest single “Papered Over Some”!

“Papered Over Some” greets you with a juggernaut of a riff that the band describes as ‘metallic‘ and ‘Helmet-esque‘; a truly pummeling aperture to a track whose spirited sound flutter throughout with assertive grace. It doesn’t take much for the song to settle you into its sonic domain thanks to its effortless swaying between vigor and musing, only structured by compelling instrumentation that interweaves hauntingly viscous vocals, expressive drumming, and clear-cut bass lines.

Of course, the blending of grunge, alt metal, and shoegaze is evident, though let’s not mistake “Papered Over Some” as a mere throwback to times bygone – there’s a vitality to ENTROPY‘s performance on it that confirms their standing as a band focused on the musical idiosyncrasies of the present, refusing to, as they put it, ‘succumb to mere complacent nostalgia‘. And, again, it really shows. There’s a love for these influential genres expressed here, no doubt, though the intent and spirit is nevertheless rooted in moving forward with sounds and emotions of the now.

“Papered Over Some” serves as a teaser for ENTROPY‘s upcoming sophomore album Dharmakāya, a record described as ‘a sonic journey from the mid-90s schoolyard to the present…‘, slated for release on August 10 via Crazysane Records. You can go ahead and pre-order the album at this very moment if you’d like more of what you just heard and, while you’re at it, make sure to give their socials a follow for any future updates!

Photo credit: Patrick Runte

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