Rat Lord are significant proof that Norway clearly knows their power-violence. Hitting the front page today with a fresh premiere, we’re showing off the band’s newest single entitled “Wo-Tan-Clan”, off of their upcoming record, Blazed in the Northern Sky. If you like fast, loud, and heavy? You are in for a major treat. Hit the ‘play’ button below and follow along…

Immediately breaking through layers of concrete walls with speeds too fast for the human eye to follow, this track instantly rips its way into your nervous system and creates an adrenaline rush potent enough to have you ready to take on any boxer you can name (but don’t, actually, please). Spanning at just twelve seconds past a minute, this track is short enough for you to listen to at least 29 times before your lunch break is up, and intense enough to keep you wondering what hit you each time you replay. A grindy, power-violence freight train, it busts right through your ear drums with plenty of riffs and an even stronger message to boot.

As the band describes the track, it seems to project a giant middle finger to neo-nazis, and specifically those which were bold enough to start bands and try to use Norse mythology as their guise for spewing hateful rhetoric: ‘”Wo-Tan-Clan” is a short burst of Norwegian hardcore/power-violence, Wotan is an old Germanic translation of the Norse god name Odin. Which so many shitty black metal bands and neo-nazis love and adore. And let us not even start to talk about the nerds who love that shit. Therefore: Fuck ´em. Let them pay the ultimate price, to quote Danzig.’

Indeed the ultimate price will be paid. But the only price you (a non-neo-nazi listener) will pay is whatever the band is asking for a pre-order of Blazed in the Northern Sky! If you’re like me, this track likely has already sold you on that release, but if you’re not so sure? Go ahead and replay that above embed about 29 more times…see how you feel after. This fine mix of grind, hardcore, and power-violence, along with a message that further tells neo-nazis to fuck off, is sure to be but one of many powerful tracks you’ll not want to miss out on.

That said? Do yourself a favor and follow Rat Lord via their Facebook and Instagram, and stream and purchase their available music via BandcampBlazed in the Northern Sky releases August 30th through Loyal Blood Records, and you can find out more info all about it below!

Two years following the release of their debut album This Is Not A Record, Norwegian power-violence/grind trio Rat Lord are back with a new effort titled Blazed In The Northern Sky. Based in Bergen, the band features guitarist/vocalist Yngve Andersen and drummer Sigurd Haakaas, both from Blood Command, along with bassist Martine Green. The follow-up to the band’s 2022 debut album This Is Not A Record, sees RAT LORD churning out the same gritty and destructive power-violence/grind sound that received strong praise from various publications along their humorous lyrical content, this time parodying some of the most famous songs and events from the Norwegian Black Metal history, the album title for instance clearly nods at Darkthrone’s A Blaze in the Northern Sky. Blazed In The Northern Sky is out worldwide on August 30th via Loyal Blood Records and features eleven fast punk tracks pissing on and laughing at and celebrating BM. All just for fun.



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