Time to stop thinking. I don’t mean overthinking. Just stop all thoughts. Hit Zen mode. Turn up your speakers or earbuds. It is time to go sicko mode to some fresh death metal from Seattle’s Noroth!

Don’t get it twisted. I love the complexity of many death metal bands, but I also love the simplicity of punk. When you blend the two, straightforward riffage and densely heavy atmposphere, you will find a nice little (un)happy place where you can punch the beak off a goose with excitement (or like a canvas punching bag if you’re vegan).

Streaming below is Noroth‘s newest album, out June 7th, 2024, entitled Sacrificial Solace. Enjoy and if you scare your neighbors, send them a fruit basket.


Sacrificial Solace starts with about 20 seconds of a haunting demon-voiced sample before clenching your temples with inhuman claws and forcing thought-shattering headbanging. It doesn’t stop after that. There is no reprieve, only old school death metal done efficiently. Sacrificial Solace works best if you play it again, immediately afterwards, and keep on heshing.

When it comes to songwriting, nostalgia has seemingly played a large role:

I wanted to create something unique, that stands out blending dark and feral riffs to create something of our own. Primitive aggressive riffs are what speak to me. I was raised on Slayer and Cannibal Corpse. When I started playing guitar around 14, I wanted to play riffs that would break your neck not impress you with their technical prowess. In high school, I preferred to get high or laid then spend hours in my bedroom practicing scales. I guess you could say I am still the same.’

Dope. This checks out, because while I was too awkward in high school to get laid, and only got high on occasion, when I would I would also be in my room playing Black Sabbath riffs on my bass.


That’s not the same at all, BUT high school me would have loved this record just as much as present me does now. Noroth have created that timeless death metal sound, steeped in tradition and crushing heaviness, that would have worked in the ’90’s as much as it does today. If you’re a fan of nasty, raw sounding old school death metal, do not sleep on this!

Pre-order Noroth‘s Sacrificial Solace here, follow them on Instagram or Facebook for more!

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