Have you ever been struck by the daydream of smashing over a neatly-stocked shelf of cans while at the grocery store? The kind of mental image that floats through your mind for a fleeting moment when you first lay eyes on the stacked goods towering neatly row after row?

No? uh, me neither…

There’s a perverse thrill to the thought of the clang-y chaos of shelves collapsing into each other, and it’s this exact emotional sensation captured so beautifully on Athenian noise rock Krause’s brand new single “Vague Outlines of Almost Recognisable Shapes” which we at Everything Is Noise are thrilled to be premiering for you today:

“Vague Outlines…” is one of two tracks to be featured on Krause’s upcoming 7-inch Vague Outlines of Almost Recognisable Shapes/The Fraternity of Lost Men-Children, dropping this Record Store Day (26 September) via Inner Ear Records. It comes off the back of two banging albums, the most recent of which (The Ecstasy of Infinite Sterility) dropped last year.

“Vague Outlines…”  is quite the comeback. Opening with uber menacing and gnarled guitar riffs, it strikes the perfect balance between noise rock fuzz and hardcore knife’s-edge sharpness. Filtered vocals spit over the whole thing; bleeding seamlessly into chaos that bludgeons you into submission, before some gleefully agitated lead work takes center stage and closes the track.

It’s abrasive. It’s mean. It’s terrifically in-your-face. That being said, there is a sly knowingness here, and a low-key groove that keeps things from dipping too far into noise or pretension. It’s anthemic smash-the-order chaos – a vibe the band happened to be consciously going for:

“Vague Outlines of Almost Recognisable Shapes” captures the frustration and anger we have been feeling as people and as musicians over the past few months. It serves both as a reaction to the prevailing sociopolitical situation and a taste of what is to come from Krause in the future.

I for one am down for more of this, and even if you don’t have the occasional disorderly daydream (pshh), you’ll find a lot to like here if you enjoy your music on the cathartic side.

With more music teased on the horizon, why not follow Krause on Facebook and Instagram to stay abreast of updates. Be sure to also check out their Bandcamp page and give their previous two awesome records a spin!

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