The summer is usually a time of relaxation for me. A couple of months when I can switch off, enjoy some time with the family and generally just do things that I enjoy. This year, with life returning to some form of normality with covid becoming somewhat quieter, it appears that things are now more frantic than they were before. Thankfully, there is always a constant to return to when things get a little overwhelming – and that of course is music. What I listen to is very much reflective of how I am feeling at any given time and currently anything instrumental and interesting, with a nice mix of quiet and loud is generally what will find its way onto my player. As such, I was delighted to pick up today’s premiere – a new single from a Portuguese band that appear to have a litany of exciting releases to their name. indignu are a four-piece that have made a name for themselves in the post-rock scene over the last 15+years, and we are delighted to share their latest release, along with a creative video showing various people’s first lsiten of the track, with you here today at Everything Is Noise.

“Urge Decifrar no Céu” is the latest offering from the veterans and the first as partners to the mighty A Thousand Arms and Dunk! Records. If, like me, you are currently unfamiliar with the band, then this introduction to indignu will likely blow your head off and leave you wanting more. I’ll preface any opinions of this piece with the fact that I am a real sucker for strings in post-rock music, and they are used to nearing perfection here, so it had me hooked immediately. Right from the swirling intro, indignu are intent on sucking you into the music, with a gentle opening passage that hints at something special on the way. The interplay between the four-piece during these opening minutes illustrates a band that have been doing this for quite some time, playing as a unit as opposed to a collection of individuals. The mix is superb, particularly in this section. Everything is crisp and clear, but still listening somehow makes you feel you are sitting in a little cabin in a forest with the band playing in front of you.

Whilst you are expecting a louder section at some stage, it came just as I was anticipating an even quieter section off of “Urge Decifrar no Céu” (much like the listener featured in the video, just as the heavy chord hits). Just as the sounds fall to nothing, a distorted guitar provides a wall of noise that will have you sitting up immediately. Anthemic choir-like chants transition the piece, allowing the guitar to take over from the earlier strings and take over melodic duties. The wry smiles of those featured in the video say more than words could about how strong this part of the track is. This glorious middle section makes sure that it does not outlast its welcome, giving way to another quieter section, this time changing the feel of the track. Drummers are often chastised for doing so much, but here the sparse tom hits provide just the right amount of breathing room for the slightly jazzy guitars to lead the track home. Whilst the quietest section of “Urge Decifrar no Céu”, indignu manage to showcase their ability to interlace textures and sounds here to full immerse the listener.

“Urge Decifrar no Céu” is bound to leave you wanting more, and thankfully we don’t have long to wait as this is the first single from upcoming album adeus, which ‘verses about the passage of time, the unavoidable changes that come with it and the poignant melancholy of farewells and start-overs‘, according to the press release. The full album release November 4 via A Thousand Arms and Dunk! Records and is sure to be something special if today’s premiere is anything to go by. In the meantime, make sure to check out the band Facebook and Bandcamp pages to keep up to date with any news and check out the indignu back catalogue, as well as keeping an eye on the label pages linked just above.

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