Australia has given rise to a number of impressive of progressive bands over the past decade, and we are excited to offer you an early stream of a record from one of them: Circles! Formed in 2010, the quartet has honed their blend of mid-tempo grooves, alt-metal styling, and powerful vocal hooks with two EPs and one full-length over the past eight years. This maturation is evident on their sophomore LP. The Last One, which will be available this Friday, August 31 through Season of Mist. Check it out below:

With 45 minutes and 10 tracks, The Last One shows Circles consistently doing what they do best, but varying dynamics and delivery to avoid monotony. “Winter” starts off the album with shifting guitar harmonics, syncopated drums and vocals that seems to swagger. There’s even octave effects on the guitar, offering a tonality that’s quite unique in this strain of progressive metal. “The Messenger” is a softer take on the band’s sound, showing a penchant for ambient melodicism that rivals peers TesseracT and Skyharbor. The album speeds up with the penultimate track “Blueprints for a Great Escape” incorporating glitched electronics and upbeat yet heavy riffs before ending with the dreamy, ambient isolation of “Alone With Ghosts”. The versatility in tone yet consistency in delivery makes for a rewarding listen, especially for fans of the aforementioned acts.

You can pre-order The Last Ones here. Check out Circles on their website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel.

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