It’s already an explosive week in many ways, at least in the US, so what’s better than to have a raucous, noisy bomb of an EP to soundtrack it? We’re happy to help premiere the latest work of hungry noise rock/punk quintet PALMAR DE TROYA of Spain today. Their new EP II officially drops on Friday, July 5 with the help of Reptilian Records, but we have the whole thing here to haymaker your earholes two days ahead of time. Check it out now:

This band is just neat. I can’t really put my finger on what they sound like, as it all feels like a whirlwind of inspiration, but they succeed in bringing in various elements into a multi-faceted sound that pulls everything together in a clear and concise way that delivers punchy, high octane fodder for clenched fist activities, late night ragers, or destruction for destruction’s sake. For a punk act, that’s all we can ask for. Collectively, they live in a space that’s close to punk, close to hardcore, but really neither. Hints of darkwave flare every now and then, but overall their abundant middle ground delivers effective catchy bangers, that resonate long after track’s end.

Of this new EP, guitarist Toto divulges:

‘This second work by PALMAR DE TROYA is the result of the strong commitment of each of the members to the band. After seeing how COVID frustrated all our plans just when we released our first EP, it has been hard to almost start from scratch, but we believed that we had something special, where each of us contributes our personal vision to each song. The energy and anger for everything we have experienced in these few years, the personal and social consequences that we have experienced… all of that, we had to get it out and this is the result.’

The multipoint realm of influence shines pretty bright on each track, as they each come across strong and capable of standing on their own with individuality over monotony. The energy these five deliver is abundant, and doesn’t ever waver, which seems to embolden them to never slow down, and go farther and farther. From the sound of it, I’d be hard pressed to believe they could slow down, but with the palpable chemistry these five exhibit it’d be a welcoming treat to listen to how they’d lay down slower, longer tracks, or what they’d do on a full LP.  The freshness of their composition is just that clear, and flat out infectious fun.

Starting track “B/B” leans heavier on punk elements that toys with the grittier hardcore elements, but ultimately ends up feeling more akin to a middle ground of SleaterKinney and Sextile.”Bracit” refuses to slow things down with a wonky solo that feels as if everything is about to come unhinged, and feels like it’d find a place in Annie Clark’s guitar work with St. Vincent, but is staunchly a punk as fuck track through and through.

“Cold Snakes” delivers on a premise of slick songwriting that contributes to a sense of foundational growth, and for a band that only has two EPs, that’s a winning formula for further development. The vocals feel comparable to Amy Taylor in the best way, and the megaphone delivery gives it enough umph to feel like gut punches. It’s just simply infectious. Their catchiness is obnoxious, and this one above all stayed ringing in my head long after the fact, even as I type all this out.

Five tracks isn’t enough for them. At least it doesn’t feel like it. I guess that’s what an EP is supposed to do, but with them it just feels like not enough, in the best way. As each track plays on repeat in my head long after II’s end, and I stay eager to hear what else PALMAR DE TROYA has in store, and curious what this momentum is going to translate into. With their skill, and penchant for hooks, it’s almost certain it’ll check all the boxes. Easily replayable, and punchy as fuck, PALMAR DE TROYA have delivered a gnarly offering that never fades. I guess punk’s not dead, at least not in Spain. Give their socials a follow, and stream II in full above.

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Band photo by Iuliana Dragoi



"I'm the Osiris of this shit" -Russel Tyrone Jones

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