Black metal is having itself a year. With lots of releases making waves in the heavy music scene, it’s time for another band to throw their hat in the ring. With their debut LP, Trost, just a few weeks away, Leipzig, Germany natives Flesia are pulling back the curtain a bit more with another glimpse of what’s to come. “Liebende” is the second track from the upcoming album and follows, in tone, the preceding release, “Freiwilliger Insasse.” Flesia’s all-out attack features mountains of noise and a relentless pace that will glue you to your seat through sheer force, as well as arresting your attention.

“Liebende” is a full-throttle kind of song that is rife with dissonance, wretching vocals, and a break-neck pace that is an animal all its own. Lightly melodic riffs act as background dancers while the rhythm section keeps the intensity at maximum capacity and the variety of vocal approaches keep the listener engaged and guessing what’s next throughout the brief three-minute affair. Check the song below!

Now, do you want a really cool surprise? All of that noise that you heard was simply bass, drums, and vocals. That’s right, there are no guitars in this black metal trio! It’s an impressive sound made all the more incredible by this fact. That just goes to show you that whenever you think black metal has reached its most flexible point, it hasn’t. You can get all of this atmosphere with just three components and a crafty production. A genre that is full of surprises still manages to find new and interesting ways to get its point across.

Trost will be available on October 1, 2021 via Revolvermann Records / Manyiax, and you can go ahead and get those pre-orders in now via Flesia’s Bandcamp page and Revolvermann’s website if you’re looking for additional options. With the two tracks released so far, I have a feeling that Trost is going to be an intense experience from start to finish.

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