Stuttgart’s Jamhed have really flipped their sound on its head. The band has made a shift from jovial and entertaining prog rock soundscapes on their last album Lollipop Giveaway in Wee-Wah-Wonderland. Their new single “Pythia” is a reverb-laden, dreamy psychedelic rock tune, and the band seems happy to take the new album Gelée Royale fully in this direction. One thing remains consistent so far from hearing “Pythia”, and that is Jamhed remains fresh and entertaining in their creative process.

“Pythia” is a track that clicked with me immediately. The consistent beat with the tambourine shake in the background and light synth nods lends it strong desert rock vibes as well, with the harmonization of two vocalists pulling it all together and giving it a really layered yet breathable atmosphere. The really trippy visuals in the video added another piece to take in and makes for a nice time. This tonal shift seems to serve this track well, and the lyrics dabbling in mysticism is always a fun twist to me, which the band spoke on to provide a deeper meaning:

At first glance it’s about the Pythia as the medium of the delphi oracle, the goat to be sacraficed and vapours. But additionally it also deals with what people think up and how far they go to get answers to questions no one can really answer. It’s also about the sexiness of the mysterios. Themes not neccesarily bound to ancient times but still of meaningful relevance nowadays.

Despite the psychedelic component of the story, the musical realisation waives the classic stylistic devices of psychedelic music like prominent reverbs etc. and comes in a rather dry manner. Instead the hypnotic diversion is produced by the mesh of scattering guitar- and basspickings on steadily rolling drums accompanying two crossing vocals.

“Pythia” is a really fun song that you should really consider checking out if you enjoy fresh takes on rock music. The psychedelic leaning still feels pretty original with Jamhed‘s style, and hearing such an old sounding genre still produce gems is really nice. If you like what you hear, you can pre-order Gelée Royale through this link, and also follow Jamhed on Facebook or visit their site for more information.

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