Today at Everything Is Noise, we’re proud to premiere the full album stream of Echolot‘s newest output, Destrudo. The band, from Basel, Switzerland, was founded in 2014 and have already played shows with bands like Triptykon. Having released two albums already, “I” in 2016 and follow-up “Volva” in 2017, the three-piece is now finally back with brand new material. I was convinced by the psychedelic doom sound of Echolot right after listening to their single “Frozen Dead Star”. There’s definitely a lot of Ahab within the sound of the band, and furthermore, they create a unique aural experience full of doom and energy.

The sound of Destrudo is very versatile and dynamic. The band moves from heavy funeral doom parts to punchy post-metal without taking any prisoners. Sometimes there are small elements of progressive rock, as at the beginning of “Orbital”. The record’s climax lies within “Wind Up North”, which is a truly majestic track with its 20 (yes, 20) minutes of doom riffs. The slow pace really benefits the atmospheric sound that Echolot works with. On top of all this, the band builds on a huge production and superb songwriting, releasing arguably one of the best doom metal records of 2020.

The three-track album comes with a playtime of 38 minutes, proving itself noteworthy despite such a small roster of songs. Take your time and enjoy Destrudo in full, I can assure you it will be worth it! Also, make sure to follow the band’s social media outputs over at Facebook and Instagram, and show them support by streaming or buying the record via their Bandcamp. After all, it’s more important than ever to support the artists you enjoy. Destrudo officially releases on October 2 via Sixteentimes Music.

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