Innovative folk experimenter Crosby Morgan has made a swift return after her earlier 2018 release, Patrons of Silence. Her new EP, Rain Games for the Natural Born Pariah, promises to entrance listeners once again, and Everything is Noise has the honor of premiering the first taster: “Rain”.

“Rain” is a dreamy and layered piece of music that allows you to pause for thought amidst the gentle echos of its introduction. The patient melodic centerpiece is brought to life with Morgan’s wonderful vocals, which grow increasingly powerful with each passing moment. The song as a whole is an interesting, somber, and mysterious folk experience that is also food for the brain.

Like much of Crosby Morgan‘s earlier work, the new EP intends to explore the depths of human emotion and self-reflection. As demonstrated in “Rain”, her subtle electronic composition mixed with the enticing hallmarks of dark folk are the most refined they have ever been. Rain Games for the Natural Born Pariah looks to be an extremely haunting and formidable piece of work.

Rain Games for the Natural Born Pariah will be released November 2, 2018. To hear more Crosby Morgan in the meantime, check out her Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages. For all other news, visit the official Crosby Morgan website and Facebook page.

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