New wave pop is ready for another splash in the face. With bumping synths and honest lyrics, Canada’s Camilla Sparksss is the breath of fresh air we all need in our daily lives. We at Everything Is Noise are proud to premiere her new record Brutal to you in full!

Hands down, this album is a blast. This is ‘dancing around the house’ kind of jams. The thumping bass drives almost every song. The near-industrial instrumentals are dirty and just the right amount of brutal (bad pun intended). My favorites so far are easily “Womanized” and “Psycho Lover”. I could see myself driving down an empty two-way road in a stolen convertible blasting this record through the speakers. This is a fun ride from beginning to end, and one of the highlights of the new year so far.

The track list is as follows:

  1. Forget
  2. Are You OK?
  3. Womanized
  4. So What
  5. She’s a Dream
  6. Psycho Lover
  7. Messing With You
  8. Walt Deathney
  9. Sorry

You can stream her entire new record right here, due out April 5, 2019 through On The Camper Records!

The album drops April 9th, 2019 and you can preorder it here. Don’t forget to follow Camilla Sparksss on her websiteInstagramFacebook, and Soundcloud for more of her music and news!

Spencer Adams

Spencer Adams

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