The music that always stands out the most for me each year are always records from artists that I haven’t heard of before. I never know what to expect and am, more often than not, left awestruck; cue Bound. Only one record deep into their musical career, they are something that cannot be easily defined.  I find it a difficult task to succinctly classify their music as Bound‘s sound is something special, an intangible entity that takes the form of some sort of mist or haze that science has yet to discover or define.

Hailing from Washington D.C., the new and upcoming artist, knows no boundaries nor rules, and will defy all expectations with their upcoming sophomore LP.  Haunts will be released on October 1, 2020 through Jetsam-Flotsam and Diehard Skeleton RecordsEverything Is Noise is proud to premiere Bound‘s lead single, “The Bellows”.

As mentioned earlier, it is no easy task to put a single label to their music, but Bound is a group that masterfully blends ambient, post-rock, dream pop, gothic rock, doom, and shoegaze into a truly captivating and dreamy experience. Although incredibly unique and entirely its own being, their music is comparable to the likes of Holy Fawn, Slow Crush, and Melting Sun-era Lantlos.

“The Bellows” beautifully sets up what to expect from their upcoming record, Haunts, and also what to expect from their music in general. You’re going to lose yourself in these incredibly thick and luscious soundscapes as “The Bellows” really is an out-of-body experience, one that may just change you forever. The linear nature of this single allows for the mesmerizing and serene textures, dual vocal melodies, and post-rock/metal tastiness take you on an ethereal journey. Once the music transmutes into mist form and flows through you, nothing will be the same ever again. All your qualms and troubles will be laid to rest and everything will seem alright for once when you let Bound take you away from reality.

Bound is set to ruin your album of the year lists with Haunts on October 1. Vinyl pre-orders are live on Jetsam-Flotsam! Be sure to check out their Facebook page to stay up to date regarding any further news on Haunts.

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