Everything Is Noise is very excited to share Azusa‘s new video for the track “Fine Lines” with you. Azusa is the newest supergroup on the horizon of the music scene. Consisting of members from bands such as Extol, Sea + Air and The Dillinger Escape Plan, it is without question that these people know how to write songs.

After the release of their ambitious, brutal and transcendental track “Interstellar Islands”, Azusa enchants us with yet another track off of their upcoming record Heavy Yoke, out on November 16. This time, the band’s approach is a little more subtle, while maintaining their manically creative and violently flourishing core construct. The lead melody, presented in the first few seconds of the track, espouses a post-punk aesthetic, while the distorted guitar and bass are slow and heavy. In contrast, the drum seems quite busy, filling every space, placing small blast sections all over the place, and never faltering for a second.

This duality is what makes a lot of Azusa‘s tracks work; they flow like rivers from the same source, yet at different speeds and depths. Eleni Zafiriadou has already proven that she has an incredible range in “Interstellar Islands”, but in “Fine Lines”, she establishes an intimate connection with a sound so incongruous with what anyone would expect from a ‘metal’ group. It doesn’t matter what they write or what you would expect, Azusa can make it work by applying elements that simply work and building a cage of nightmarish beauty around it.

The band themselves had the following to say about the track:

‘”Fine Lines” is a quiet storm in the shape of a song; an odd-time metal ballad wearing a pop disguise. Lyrically this song explores self-destructive tendencies and the fine line between dream and reality.’

Be sure to pre-order Heavy Yoke here. You can also follow Azusa on Facebook.

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