Continuing the onslaught of noise from our Weekly Featured Artist, the Cologne-based death metallers in Ayahuasca, we’re pleased to premiere their latest single “Eternal Embrace”. This is the second single to be released off of Beneath The Mind, and is a reworked version of the song of the same name that we heard on their 2015 Instinct demo

Each time I listen to this track, I get swept up in the proggy guitar intro, whose dulcet twangs lulling the listener into a false sense of security before the real tones kick in. Huge dissonance is then introduced, with help from the three drum kits that the band weaponise in their music. Later in the song, you’ll hear a brilliant undulating riff, which is not hugely dissimilar to a Gojira or Meshuggah one. “Eternal Embrace” stays true to its progressive roots too, given the very trippy interlude to the death metal in the middle. Afterwards, the drums are used in full force again to create a sublime groove that sees the remainder of the song to its conclusion – something I really want to see live when Ayahuasca hit the road.

Speaking to Kirill – guitarist and vocals for Ayahuasca – he had this to say about the single and the accompanying video:

Due to the fact that we didn’t use any footage of the band performing in our first video “Abyss”, we decided to do another video to capture some of the moments of our performance live on stage.
The song was already released on our demo-ep “Instinct” and now it’s back, a little reworked and re-recorded with new lyrics.

We’d like to thank Ayahuasca for allowing us to exclusively premiere their new track “Eternal Embrace” – we’re very much excited for you all to hear Beneath The Mind, which drops on November 9, 2018. Take some time to flick through our Weekly Featured Artist article, where we get to know Ayahuasca in depth. You should also head on over to their Facebook for the latest news, pick up their EP Instinct on Bandcamp to tide you over, or pre-order the new record from The Crawling Chaos records.

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Pete Overell

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