Most of us have been stuck in our own little bubbles for the past couple of years, yearning for a trip to somewhere a little more exciting. Almeeva must feel sorry for us, because today’s premiered video will transport you to the French Alps and the Swedish seaside. Today at Everything Is Noise, we are delighted to bring you the new video for Almeeva‘s latest single “To All My Friends”.

An open, honest insight into the life of Gregory Hoepffner, aka Almeeva, “To All My Friends” is a feel good track and video that provides some hope, with a reunion of friends following a period of isolation. The video splits time between Sweden and the French alps, with Almeeva distanced from guest vocalist Alice Jouchoux for the majority of the video. Both individuals find themselves amongst a stunning backdrop of magnificent scenery. Jouchoux amidst the trees with the Alps in the distance, whilst Swedish based Hoepffner jumps between a glass fronted studio with views of the sea and the rocks at the edge of the water. Hoepffner explains the thinking behind both the track and the video;

Winter in Sweden is a difficult period, but once summer kicks in, it’s an absolute paradise. There’s a feeling of freedom that I hadn’t experienced before: the sun almost never sets, you can swim anywhere you want, and the skies are just so blue, deeper blue than in southern Europe. I finished this EP during spring, and I wanted to capture that excitement for summer and freedom, which is exactly what the artwork is about. All the places you see in the video are where actually I live and work, as honest as the song is. We eventually reunite with my dearest Alice singing in the chorus, exactly where she lives. It’s real life, but with a pinch of magic.

In addition to the scenery, the video showcases Almeeva‘s multi-talented nature, splitting his time between an impressive range of synths with clips of his rhythm section playing interspersed through the piece. The sense of freedom Hoepffner references in his description of the video is evident throughout, with the highlight being the warm embrace that both artists share when they finally join the same shot – a little sense of hope for those of us yet to reunite with friends and loved ones.

“To All My Friends” is the title track to Almeeva‘s upcoming EP, due for release October 29 via Baciami Disques, so if you have enjoyed today’s track, make sure you follow the Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also pre-order the EP and keep up to date with all things Almeeva via the Bandcamp page or Official Website.

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