Jazz bassist and vocalist extraordinaire Esperanza Spalding is releasing a new album next March! It’s been less than a year since her last adventure Exposure was released, where her and a group of musicians wrote and recorded ten songs all live-streamed on Facebook in 77 hours straight. This new project, entitled 12 Little Spells, has been teased on Spalding‘s Facebook for the past few weeks, with her posting poems about body parts and music videos relating to each body part/spell.

The album will be released on March 30, 2019, and many different types of pre-order bundles are available to choose from. All the songs are available with their own videos on Spalding‘s Facebook and YouTube pages. I suggest you check them out in the meantime. The tracklist for 12 Little Spells is below:

1. 12 Little Spells (4:53)
2. To Tide Us Over (4:53)
3. Til the Next Full (4:17)
4. Thang (4:35)
5. Touch in Mine (4:53)
6. The Longing Deep Down (4:35)
7 You Have to Dance (3:27)
8. Now Know (4:26)
9. All Limbs Are (3:36)
10. Readying to Rise (5:07)
11. Dancing the Animal (5:07)
12. With Others (5:52)

She also lists tracks 13 through 16 as ‘New Song/Spells’, so there will be more surprises to come! Riding the momentum of this new album release, Spalding has also released tour dates in support of 12 Little Spells, which you can check out here.

You can follow Esperanza Spalding on her Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and official website for tour dates and further info. All of the bundles for 12 Little Spells are available for pre-order here.

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