Slomosa offer a up a faithful interpretation of the classic desert rock sound in a neat and energetic package.

Release date: August 28, 2020 | Apollon Records | Bandcamp | Label | Facebook

Slomosa describe themselves as ‘A desert rock band from a cold country’. That is a very good handle and it is also completely true. On hearing this record for the first time, general preconceptions will convince you that this was created nowhere near Norway. After all, the musical handles, rhythm, and tones are more reminiscent of a Josh Homme project rather than something made in Scandinavia. In this regard, Slomosa defy expectations.

That aside, this musical endeavour is fulfilled with zero compromise. The stoner rock vibes, tinted grunge in places, shine through with every bit of clarity one can possibly hope for, and the undiluted resolve of this project means that lovers of the genre can find a loyal friend in this brand new debut release. Slomosa keep it simple, and in the case of this eight-track portfolio of hard vibrant rock, ‘simple’ means effective.

Each song is a substantial yet largely uplifting array of crunchy guitar tones, heavy percussion, and tuneful vocals. The level of consistency in each of these components renders Slomosa a smooth ride. It is in fact the manner in which these base elements are utilized in each track that makes the journey an engaging one. Whilst drawing from classic tropes, the band manage to formulate songs with individual personas, and the energy placed within each one prevents any sense of boredom from seeping through.

From the stylish, ground-pounding opening of “Horses”, through the groovy melodies of “In My Mind’s Desert”, the sonic pummels of “Scavengers” and the triumphant sign-off of “Psychonaught”, there is a lot for fans of the style to sink their teeth into. In each track, heaviness complements thoughtfulness, creates mightiness, and forges a solid number. At once, you gather the impression that the band have worked very hard to get those measurements just right. It shows.

Worthy of mention, on that note, is the solidity of their tones and production. The rustic punch of the guitars and bass have been meticulously crafted to complement the iconic style, and this is something they carry across the breadth of their record. On finding that this arrangement of sound is the right fit for the part, it is therefore used with projection, skill, and an impressible level of musicianship. Having mastered the tones, the band put equal precision into the songwriting. In short, this is as professional a hard rock outing as any imaginable.

It’s nice to hear a band, relatively fresh from the crop, keeping the flames of stoner rock well and truly alive and kicking. Slomosa have honed their craft to near nostalgic perfection, with every moment exuding the desert style in expert fashion. Whilst non-followers of the stoner gospel may find little appealing in this body of work, those who are even in the slightest way inclined will have a lot to unearth, and furthermore enjoy. It is deep, energetic, and even feel-good in places. Hopefully you will feel all of these things after listening to it.

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