Domkraft once again prove they deserve the frontlines of stoner music with Sonic Moons.

Release date: September 8, 2023 | Magnetic Eye Records | Bandcamp | Instagram | Facebook

Creamy riffs for days. Perhaps I could just say this about Domkraft‘s new record Sonic Moons and frankly, that should be enough to sell it to you. But of course, a record this good really deserves more words about. So let me tell you why you should listen to Domkraft‘s latest release.

As someone that is interested in stoner rock and psychedelic heavy rock, albeit not a huge connoisseur, past Domkraft releases had me interested all the way, specially 2021’s Seeds. As soon as I heard them I said to myself ‘there’s no way this band is not gonna make it as big in the niche eventually‘, and Sonic Moons just seems like the perfect gateway to get the Swedish band into everyone’s radar. As soon as I heard the album’s first single “Slowburner”, I was terribly excited to hear the rest, as I hadn’t heard stoner music this good since Elder. And perhaps that is a very fair comparison to make: like the modern stoner titans, Domkraft delivers some epic songs that take you through a journey of heavy riffs and psychedelia. I do think these Swedes are a bit on the heavier side, as these riffs just hit you as hard as you can imagine.

The album’s opener “Whispers” is already a massive song that perfectly encapsulates what the band is all about. It’s the kind of music that just makes you go ‘man, this is so damn good!’. There is a passion to the songwriting, as every moment just is incredibly intense, from the slower, doomier passages, to the more psychedelic moments. Every element of the band is just as tight as you can imagine.

“Magnetism” is another complete banger, with vocals that remind me of Mastodon‘s most inspired moments but with riffage that just completely transports you to another world. There is a really spacey vibe to Domkraft, and while most of the times that kind of vibe is associated with lighter music, the band manages to achieve that with the heavier moments too. Like, this somehow sounds like the music that would play when Fremen are riding the worms in Dune. Wild stuff, I tell you, and if you can’t bang your head to some of this stuff, I seriously don’t know what will get you going.

The lads made the perfect choice when selecting “Slowburner” as the lead single. It’s the one you’re gonna show to your friends when you recommend the band. Don’t let the song’s name fool you: this song already starts as a banger, but yes, it does keep getting better.

Next up is the shorter but no less captivating “Downpour”, that may just be one of my favorite songs records. “Black Moon Rising” is as apocalyptic as its name suggests. There’s no better way to end this record than with the long and epic “The Big Chill”, and this one’s name completely checks out. A massive buildup that features a groovy, doomy interlude before they end the album with more crushing, massive riffage, and as they it say themselves, ‘The big chill arrives‘.

When I finished Sonic Moons, I went ‘damn, that was so good‘. And that is exactly what music like this should accomplish: having you entertained from start to finish and wanting to come back for more. I just came back from ArcTanGent Festival where Domkraft played a set, but sadly I missed it and I’m just kicking myself because I am certain that must have been a killer live show. If I’m craving some stoner, you can bet Sonic Moons is gonna be one of my top choices. If you’re even remotely interested in the genre, do check this out, please! This level of craftsmanship is not found everywhere, and Domkraft is surely worthy of your full attention.

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