Encountering a grindcore album that embodies the expected intensity of this musical style is an expected occurrence. That being said, there’s a certain it factor that will entice a label such as Transcending Obscurity. Today, we are happy to bring you the full album premiere for the latest grind outfit to grace this prestigious label, one of our personal favorites here at EIN. Hailing from Sweden, Walking Corpse deftly maneuvers between accelerating intensity with sudden deviations from the expected before swiftly returning to the center of the lane with an increased, neck-snapping tempo. Our Hands, Your Throat exudes a twisted, dissonant edge, drawing from elements of death metal and a touch of sludge, assaulting the senses faster than one can react. Within this chaos, the band consistently introduces earth-shattering breakdowns to prevent any prolonged periods of inertia. This push and pull is what will elevate meeting expectations to exceeding them.

This cerebral grind, delivered with a spine-rupturing fervor, incorporates a myriad of influences, making it challenging to pinpoint album highlights or the toll it takes on the listener. With an aggressive and innovative approach, Walking Corpse achieves the delicate equilibrium of introducing variations to combat monotony and predictability without compromising the pure, blistering, and cathartic essence of grindcore. The album, in turn, remains both enjoyable and thoroughly engaging, making it a noteworthy addition to the genre. So without further ado, here is the stream of the album, in full.

One of the things that sets Walking Corpse apart from the somewhat passé approach to grindcore is how the aforementioned death metal and sludge influences upend even the most basic tenants of the genre. While several tracks on Our Hands, Your Throat feel like tried and true examples of grind, many of the songs embrace dynamics that extent the songs into somewhat uncharted territory. While songs like “Dreamflesh Navigator” and “Brainworm” are combustible sub-two-minute tracks that are showcases of intensity, “The Wheel” extends to almost five minutes as it toys with dynamics, death metal, and more. “Falling Through a World of Wounds” also finds Walking Corpse toying with something that rarely gets mentioned when it comes to grindcore: atmosphere. There’s a lot to take in on this record and if you enter it thinking that you’re going to be imbibing a tall glass of run-of-the-mill grind, well, you should adjust those expectations right now.

Our Hands, Your Throat releases everywhere on December 1 and you can head over to Transcending Obscurity – at their webstore or Bandcamp – and you can follow the band over at their Facebook page for more info, news, and the like!

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