Feeling a bit groggy after a stressful night or simply having a dull, uneventful day? Fear not, dear reader – we got you. Everything Is Noise is thrilled to premiere the fourth and newest single “Skin” from alt indie pop act Morning Silk, off their upcoming self-titled record slated to release this year.

Originally a bedroom project based in Providence, RI and created whilst in architecture school, Morning Silk became Frank Corr’s answer and motivation to rekindle his passion for music. Having this newfound objective in mind, Corr recruited bassist/producer Matthew Lancaster and drummer Robert Morris, playing a few shows within the state and eventually relocating to New York City to complete a studio Corr had been working on.

Upon first listen, “Skin” caters to that very thrill of pursuit as the synths satisfyingly reverberates your ears like a wake-up call in the form of an ice-cold shower. The track takes shape in such a stellar fashion as it progresses too, seamlessly integrating a driving and consistent drum beat along with sparkling keys and tasteful guitar leads. To top it all off are the velvety vocals that give a nice contrast to the otherwise vivid instrumentals.

In fact, there is a reason why this self-named ‘indie pop anthem’ is blissful yet proactive in its sonic approach. Corr refers to this track as ‘trying to chase your dreams and pay your rent’.

I lost a lot of work due to Covid, so I started writing music again. We opened up songs from six years ago and finished one of them. This sort of set in motion a new sonic palette for us. For some reason, the words ‘pay the rent,’ kept popping into my head. So with a simple melody, we put ‘pay the rent‘ over some heavy synth bass sounds. I wanted this bass line to sort of have an energy of its own, so Matt, Rob, and I listened to some DirtBike for inspiration.

If you’re a fan of Comedown Machine-era The Strokes and Future Islands – or if you’re simply in need of a boost to go about your day – then look no further than this absolute jam by Morning Silk. And if you like what you hear, keep on the lookout for the project’s forthcoming album and follow their Bandcamp, Facebook, and Instagram pages!

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