Sometimes, an artist bio will immediately grab you and pique interest before a single note is played. Such is the case with the artist behind our premiere today. Veronica Maximova‘s bio begins with the phrase ‘a runaway bride who has never been back to her home country‘, and if that is not enough to draw you in then I don’t know what will (particularly when there’s no follow up)! The Russian born/Berlin-based artist is clearly keen to make waves through more than just words however, as shown by her stellar output in the past few years.

Having initially performed under the pseudonym Rave Icon on first arrival to Berlin in 2014, Maximova made the switch to performing under her birth name in 2018. Since then a number of releases have followed, most notably 2019’s Computerlove, a collection of brooding and engaging tracks. Latest song “The Quiet Us” highlights that this was no flash in the pan, which you can judge for yourself with an exclusive premiere right here at Everything Is Noise.

“The Quiet Us” is the opening track from upcoming EP Ordinary Forever, due for release this April via AWAL. An unsettling mixture of electronic, industrial, and art-pop, “The Quiet Us” sees a repeated Veronica Maximova vocal line layered atop a bed of minimalist noise and hints of synthesizers trying to break through. As the vocals drop, the music intensifies, increasing anxiety with a range of glitches and noise swells. A well crafted track, “The Quiet Us” sets the bar high for what is to come with Ordinary Forever.

After taking in “The Quiet Us”, it’s likely you’re going to want to find out a little more about Veronica Maximova. As such, make sure you head over to her Facebook and Instagram pages and give them a follow. You can also check out previous releases, including “Shame On You” (another track from the upcoming EP Ordinary Forever) on the Bandcamp page.

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