Sometimes, all you need are some tasty riffs on top of some good ol’ death metal. Unburnt aren’t up for experiments; they don’t try to reinvent the wheel. They are just interested in delivering powerful death metal with a slight blackened flavoring on top. Hailing from Canada, the band consists of experienced musicians from well-established local bands, namely Eric Burnt (Samskaras), Joe Mullen, Bo Louther (both Odium), and recently added bassist John-Ryan Godfrey (We Are Human). They released their first single “Harnessing Black Flame” back in 2016, and now the band is finally back with their upcoming EP Arcane Evolution, which will be out August 16.

To give you a glimpse of said release, we are very excited to share their new single “Sorrow-Bearing Enemy” with you:

“Sorrow-Bearing Enemy” is tastefully fast-paced, and manages to balance old-school death metal elements with a more modern blackened death metal appeal. The production isn’t crystal-clear, but the band cleverly use that as an advantage to achieve an almost industrial yet gritty atmosphere. Unburnt‘s highest quality lies without a doubt within the band’s great feeling for pace. They know exactly when they have to slow down a bit and spotlight their groove, and when they have to accelerate things with their scourging riffs. All in all, this track makes hungry for more, and Arcane Evolution can’t come fast enough!

Speaking of the upcoming EP, the band had the following to say about the release:

This EP combines themes of knowledge, technological change, and spirituality. It asks how these things intertwine and evolve through human society, as well as ponders what kind of future we’re headed towards at this rapid pace. The music itself goes to the heart of what we set out to create with Unburnt: punishing rhythms, melodic textures, and brutal vocals. If you enjoy death and black metal, this is sure to be up your alley.

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