When it comes to extreme metal Transcending Obscurity Records have the Midas touch, everything they put out is solid gold. Their output is so consistent I will routinely check out a new album or band simply based on the label alone. I’ve yet to be disappointed. Which is why I was ecstatic towards the end of last year to see they signed Mære, a dark dissonant death metal band from Germany. Comprised of several ex-members of progressive death metal outfit Ingurgitating Oblivion, Mære set out to follow their own vision of death metal in 2020 releasing their raw and promising EP I.

Mære have been dormant for some time so we are beyond excited they have emerged from their cosmic slumber to bring us a new single from their upcoming full length debut!

“The Darkness is Your Mother” starts off with this pulsing drum beat that is infectious if unnerving. At about the midpoint all the growls and drums recede as this solitary twangy guitar comes to the fore. Abruptly the guttural barrage of vocals and percussion return as the guitar intensifies. Then everything slows down to a primordial ooze of doom which carries to the terminus of the track with a chaotic finale barrage of rapid almost spoken word death cult chants. Increasing hype for the upcoming album the label and band previewed the sound: ‘A sonic incantation takes form, an album that dares to traverse the darkest chasms of the soul. With each note, it unearths the most labyrinthine recesses of the mind, weaving a sinister tapestry of unparalleled dread. Prepare to plunge into a realm where darkness reigns supreme.

Mære have an old school sound drawing comparisons to Gorguts, Immolation, Morbid Angel, and Neurosis. Their abrasive focus on pain and anguish invokes feelings of unsettling isolation resulting in a bleak take on death metal. Harrowing music for haunted minds.

 …And The Universe Keeps Silent is out April 19th on Transcending Obscurity Records. Pre-order the album now on Bandcamp and be sure to follow Mære on Facebook and Instagram.

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