What better way to start your week than being smacked in the face with a ferocious wall of sound? The Grasshopper Lies Heavy deliver that for us today, with a diabolical single and video. Before we dive into the themes of the track, let’s not gloss over from whence this filthy barrage of sludge metal comes, and why you want to get your ears around our delightful premiere today. Based in San Antonio, the Texans have been around in one shape or another since 2006, garnering worldwide support with tours in Japan, amongst others. The trio unleash gritty, punishing metal soaked in the blood of a thousand amplifiers, with lyrics hell-bent on tearing apart the fabric of your reality.

“King Of Opinion”, the track we’re dropping for you today is a perfect critique of lockdown, albeit tongue-in-cheek. Written in the deepest part of isolation, the track vents about being trapped inside, becoming a couch-slob, and devoting time to video games and social media. The instrumentation hits like a freight train, layers of distorted guitars ripping through you, leaving brutal exit wounds that the vocals certainly don’t try to heal.

The video matches up to the short track perfectly, with founding member James Woodard having this to say:

The music video was filmed using analog electronics; we used half-broken thrift storeVHS cameras and wanted to give it a real Public Access vibe with silly wipe transitions and the like. It was a ton of fun to shoot.

The Grasshopper Lies Heavy released this track in January on their latest EP, a split with WOORMS. This staggering piece of work is well worth getting into your ears, and you can find the socials for them below. We hope you have a great rest of your week!

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