Unleashing a sonic storm from the heart of Dallas, Texas, Baring Teeth emerge as a formidable trio, wielding their expertise in forging realms of atonal discordance and ethereal dissonance. Brace yourselves, as the countdown begins for the unleashing of their fourth opus, entitled The Path Narrows, slated to hit the sonic battlefield via the revered I, Voidhanger label on October 20th, 2023. Venturing onto the Italian platform known for conjuring aural dark arts, Baring Teeth are happy to share with you a track from their forthcoming album, “Obsolescence”.

Drawing listeners into an abyss of auditory exploration, “Obsolescence” beckons us to immerse ourselves in the labyrinthine corridors of Baring Teeth‘s creative minds with twisting, churning, wrenching tones that wrests the security of reality away from the listener. Watch and let it engulf you.

Over the past four years and during the pandemic, Baring Teeth has been deeply engrossed in crafting The Path Narrows. This journey involved constant changes, revisions, and the learning experiences that often accompany them. Now, Baring Teeth is stepping into the spotlight again, rejuvenated with a newfound sense of cohesion and structure. Each intricate detail in the band’s output has undergone a transformation. This process has felt like a kind of refining, pushing everything to expand and find new dimensions. Consequently, the differences within the band’s style have grown more distinct than ever before. Baring Teeth‘s musical expertise has reached new heights, which has led to faster segments becoming even more intense and slower parts becoming even more profound. Notably, the band has also embraced new layers of musical artistry by incorporating synths and featured voices. Despite these additions, the distinctive wall of sound remains, now resembling a towering, dark expanse that envelops the listeners’ entire perceptible world.

Of the new record, the band had this to say:

The Path Narrows was largely written during the COVID quarantine. We worked on our parts in isolation, which is a lot different than our usual method of hashing things out in rehearsals. It resulted in an album that is unique in our catalog but still representative of our style. We experimented more with samples and synths to create a more cinematic album structure, and were very focused on how the entire record flowed rather than focusing on each song independently. The album’s theme was inspired by Shirley Jackson’s The Sundial, which delves into mass hysteria and the origins of a cult mindset in a small community. The ‘limiting’ of things and experiences was very much at top of mind during COVID.’

You can pre-order the new album on Bandcamp or on I, Voidhanger‘s website and be sure to follow the band over on Facebook for more updates as we inch ever closer to the release date.

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