Music is a conduit for mood – or can be, when brewed in such a way that all the elements come together to project a tone or theme that lyrics alone cannot. Not all artists are able to accomplish this effect to the same degree, so when it happens that the coming together of instruments reflects the intended thematic message perfectly, it has the potential to make for some truly chilling results.

Such is the case with the new single and music video for “Snake Friend”, a sublime wisp of darkness from Swiss ‘dark pop’ band Svarts off their upcoming sophomore album Geography, due for release on March 12 via Hummus Records. We are pleased to be premiering the video for you today, which can be viewed down below:

Regarding the meaning of the song, Svarts share: ‘We are both our own best friends and best enemies because good and evil live in the same place. Anger is fire. To slay or to smile, there’s nothing to hide.’ It’s a concept communicated clearly through the video’s crisp and icy filter, where stunning use of contrast makes the brighter tones sparkle, and the darkness swallows cavernously. Brief snippets of band members are intercut with images of a dancer and a snake. The borderline goth inflection to the visuals and theme is executed tastefully. Familiar, without using the tropes as a crutch, and the result is unsettlingly soothing and thought-provoking.

Not only do the visuals reflect the theme perfectly, so does the music – with its ‘80s new-wave guitar shimmer, wall of sound shoegaze loudness in places, and siren-like vocals. Darkness, light, contrast, and alignment. The elements may be familiar, but Svarts have crafted an intersection where goth, shoegaze, and electronica meet that is brooding, beautiful, and distinctly their own.

Be sure to check out Svartswebsite, Facebook, and Instagram to stay up to date with developments as the album release date grows nearer. Also check out Hummus Records over at Bandcamp to support the band and discover more of their great roster!

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