Let this article serve as a golden ticket for your sonic fancies as we have quite a surprise for you. Here at Everything Is Noise we take pride in all the fabulous music we get the opportunity to premiere. It stands to reason, then, that a small celebration is to ensue on this occasion as there is not one, but two premieres we are offering to you. As such, we are delighted to present to you Berlin-based art pop multi-instrumentalist Daniel Freitag‘s music videos for “Chasing A Rabbit” and “I Forget”, two of the tracks taken from his latest full-length release The Laws of Attraction.

Both songs (and, in turn, their accompanying videos) provide a glimpse of Freitag’s knack for gentle yet thorough introspections, which is actually a focus of the record’s overall musings – ‘Music is definitely therapy and diary for me. To condense all the everyday emotional chaos, the unspeakable and suppressed in a song is an absolute emotional necessity for me.’

The tracks are unexpectedly gripping – they go easy while, at the same time, roams a subtle tumultuousness as a result of the weight that comes with living day by day. It’s as if there is a goal here to make the mundane a piece of art in and of itself something to observe and appreciate.

Or at least that’s what we seem to get with the music video for “Chasing A Rabbit”. The song soothes you with a silky beat backed with glossy guitar leads and juxtaposed with hazy synths, serving as a jam-packed soundtrack for… going through a car wash. As silly as that might sound, there’s a charm to the way the video is shot and edited. Freitag himself smoking a cig and leaning back to the carseat while passing through this otherwise banal facility is akin to the endless pondering one has while taking a shower. He manages to instill space for contemplation and vulnerability on the routinary, and it all just works wonderfully.

The sentimentality is then amped up with “I Forget”. Frame-worked with a balladry that harkens back to Phil Collins‘ golden years, the track feels grand regardless of its minimal composition. Complementing the nostalgic flare of the song is the video, illustrating Freitag in the studio performing the song through magenta-colored lens coupled with vintage effects. The song’s climax with the potent brass joining in the already-stirring crescendo was also a beautiful touch. Needless to say, the final product is mesmerizingly executed, making “I Forget” a solid offering from him and a song that I will surely replay for the next couple of days.

The Laws of Attraction was released on June 24, 2022 via akkerbouw records. If you enjoy what you hear, go give Daniel Freitag‘s official website and Bandcamp a visit! You can also follow him on Instagram and on Facebook.

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